Custom Fire Brigade Creator Expert Compatible Building Bricks Toy Set 2313 Pieces

Custom Fire Brigade Creator Expert Compatible Building Bricks Toy Set 2313 Pieces

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Custom Fire Brigade Building Bricks Set Set is 100% compatible with all leading brands of building toys. You can easily mix and put together with your existing building bricks and minifigures.

Our Custom building blocks are of premium quality. All Custom bricks are made of premium high quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material and safe for kids.

Product description

Build an authentic classic fire station!

Ding ding ding! Alert! There is a fire in the city! The fire brigade rushes to the scene of the accident by this realistic and detailed year 1930's classic fire station. This set is designed to match with other modular building toys such as Grand Emporium and Green Grocer. And the fir station comprises uncommon Custom pieces and advanced building methods. It features a 1930s-style fireplace car, a fire-dog plus 4 minifigures, an openable station carport door, along with a detachable construction roof for inside access. Additionally, it contains 2 fully-furnished flooring with fire-fighting appliances, fire-pole, tools for your firemen's helmets, kitchen with fully-stocked refrigerator, ping-pong table, sofa, bookshelf and also a roof with a water resistant and bell. Stands 14 (35cm) high and 10 (25cm) wide.

The roof comes with a bell and water tower!
Stands about 14 (35 cm) high and 10 (25 cm) wide! )
Add Fire Brigade for a Custom Town and blend it with additional modular structures such as Custom Grand Emporium along with Custom Green Grocer!
The channel home features a opening channel garage door and two fully-furnished flooring such as a kitchen with fully-stocked refrigerator plus a daybed dining table!
Remove the roofing for inside access!
Features plenty of realistic details such as fire-fighting appliances, tools for firemen's helmets and just a fire-pole!
Includes a 1930's-design fire bath, 4 minifigures plus a fire-dog!
Fire Brigade features uncommon Custom components including plates and bricks from black tan, 1x1 dark reddish tiles, a reddish hot dog along with the 3x6x5 Belleville arch. Additionally, it includes golden fireman's helmets, also a tan hands tote along with a red sliding door!
This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 2,313 pieces.